Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Once upon an alibi

I remember a long time ago. Back when I thought I was cool. And maybe I was a little, cause I had a blog. Back when my life was not so complicated, I used talk about things on this blog as if I actually knew something. I used to have bloggie friends who made me feel like someone was listening. But soon we all fell away. One by one drifting off into vastness of the weboverse. Lost forever. Did you ever really exist? Did I? And now I drift back almost improbably to this same desolate spot. Happy, actually that I am alone. Revisiting the imaginary friends of my youth. I hope no one realizes I am here. Not yet anyway. Not yet. Maybe I can dust the cobwebs off my brain. Figure out how to write again. Find my voice. Find something to say that doesn't sound like a scream of agony or a self righteous rant. Oh how I have changed. But I won't delete my misguided spewings or berate myself too long over them. Let's just move on. Move on. My heart is both light and heavy. How is that? How can that be? I hear unspoken words, unsung songs. I feel the rhythm of the unmoving dance. Something is happening. I have no alibi. I have no excuse. I have nothing to hide or apologize for. Something is different here. Someone has come home.