Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hack of all trades

You can't be great at everything. That's what everybody tells me.
"Jack of all trade, Master of none" as the saying goes.

But somehow I can't get that through my thick skull. I want to be good at everything. I want to be a master blogger (or is it "mistress blogger"), a great writer, novelist, screenwriter, poet, songwriter. I want to learn Spanish, French and Japanese or maybe Korean. I want to play guitar. I want to learn Flash and how to edit movies. I want to learn how to meditate. Ideally I'd like to learn to read minds but that's low in the list of priorities... not mention realities. I want to be more limber and I want rock hard abs. And I want to learn how to be stripper (not for a living, just a way to turn on my husband without simulataneously making him double over with laughter.)

The list goes on.

Problem is, I start to try to do these things and then I slack off. I get really gungho until I get burned out or until I get too busy doing something else.

I can't do everything. I can't. So why do I try? I need therapy. Actually I'm in therapy. Which is nice. But I find myself wanting to solve all my problems at once and so I solve nothing.

If you saw how many books are on my current reading list it would shock you. I don't mean my "to be read" list I mean the list of books I'm currently in the middle of . One of them is actually a book on how to speed read. I kid you not.

I am both too hard and too easy on myself. I have no discipline to stick to anything long enough to become really good at it or even be called dedicated. But I beat myself up over not doing everything on my impossibly long list.

Sucks being a Renaissance Woman.

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