Sunday, May 07, 2006

Me Generation

So I was reading in the paper how the whole Me Generation is very selfish and enititled. How they all assume that fame and fortune are their birthrights. How they question authority and expect to get their own way. And then I read how they think the whole world gives a shit what they think so they pour their hearts out in their blogs and expose every little sordid detail. And then I remembered that I have a blog that I haven't posted to in like two months. And I thought, "damn, the whole world IS waiting to hear MY meaningless ramblings."

So hi.

I'm not pregnant yet. Still working on it.
I'm not rich yet. My big plan for millions keeps getting stalled.... fucking lottery!
I'm not on a secluded tropical beach... but I will be in like 6 days. Honeymoon Part Deux!
I haven't figured out the secrets of the universe or unlocked the mind of God or gotten over the fact that I will not live forever.
I haven't written the great American novel yet.

I have however, bought a new Ipod. Window shopped for a new car. Braided my hair. Gone on a job interview for a position that would up my salary by 50%. Cleaned up copious amounts of cat poop, pee and vomit (sick kitties at home). Decided that taking my fucking temperature every freakin' morning was a waste of time. And I downloaded several guide meditation recordings to my ipod in order to try and look deeper into my subconscious mind and hopefully discover some universal truths ... or maybe to channel some good lottery numbers...I'm not picky.


Brookelina said...

I'm back too! Now I need an Ipod....

Sara said...

Hey, long time no see. But you know, I still pray for you (when I think about praying *bad, BAD me*) and I truly believe that next year, you will be celebrating yourself on Mother's Day.

The Notorious S.O.B. said...

I really dont understand this "me" concept. Where do they come up w/ this stuff - more importantly, How does it affect ME? Is it going to affect ME? I cant be part of that! That could cause ME problems in MY interpersonal relationships. What would people think of ME then? I cannot worry of other's opinions of ME. I cant please everyone...hehe. Good to see you back around girl.