Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I've been interviewing for this job. A really great job. Way more money - like a 50% bump.
Great company. Pretty much the same thing that I'm doing now. Only they are more formalized. They do Direct Marketing the way you're supposed to do it. My company... not so much.

I have no doubt I can do the job and blow the doors off, you know. But I just love the company and the people I work with so much that all I can think is, that I totally have the power to bring that kind of philosophy right into my current job.

It's far more practical to accept a job that will pay me more. Especially since I want to start a family. But I can shake this nagging feeling that this is not the right move for me. Not that the new company has actually OFFERED me anything, mind you. But I am damn good so there is a good chance that they will.

I'm not afraid of change. I love change. Thrive on it. But I just feel like this is not the right move. Plus I know that I would really be screwing over my current company if I left. I mean BIG TIME. And they simply can't compete with the salaries these guys would be offering.

It just seems so counter-intuitive to pass up that much money. But I just can't see myself taking that job.


The Notorious S.O.B. said...

You know girl, the first instinct one has is the right one, 99% of the time. Trust yr gut. Good luck w/ it. I stay where I am not so much 'cuz I'm f'm over if I leave, but I'm at the stage now where I'm reaping all the benefits of the job via the experience and time I've put in. America. God love it. Somebody has to.

aughra said...

I think it's a true sign of your maturity and growth as a person, if money is not the most important thing. Go with your gut.

Girl With An Alibi said...

Thanks you guys. It's nice to have a little affirmation that I'm doing the right thing.