Friday, January 28, 2005

Break The Bank

It is disheartening. Almost everyone I talk to has given up. I hear people say that the elections were stolen. People who voted for the first time say, “I really studied the issues, I made conscious choices. But it didn’t matter. They stole the election with fraud and dirty tricks. My vote didn’t count.” And now they retreat into their discouragement. They will likely not vote again. And those who didn’t vote, and never do, because of the corruption they see, are saying, “you see that’s what I mean. This country doesn’t belong to the people anymore. It belongs to those in power. That’s why I don’t vote.”

It’s like watching someone who’s suffered a broken heart give up on love. Tragic.

But I think we are missing the point. We're looking at it all wrong. We do not hear the quiet jubilation of those who manipulated the vote. We don’t hear the sighs of relief. The elated cries of “what a bargain!” Yes, a BARGAIN. You see it takes money to cheat. It takes large transfers of cash to steal votes and then cover your tracks. The elections were expensive for those who bought them. And even the deepest pockets can’t sustain that year after year. Not at a high rate anyway. So they are quite happy to see us give up. That makes it cheaper for them next time around.

You see for every 10 people who vote their conscience, they must buy 11 votes. And I believe there are far more of us who cannot be bought than there are those who can. So even if I know that they are going to do their damnedest to steal the next election, I’m going to vote anyway and I’m going to get others to vote too. Why? Because I want to BREAK THE BANK! I want to force them to spend more and more cash to win dirty. I want to make it so expensive for them to cheat that they get sloppy.

All that money changing hands…They are bound to make a mistake. And I have faith in their greed and their unbridled lust for power. They are too vain not to barrel forward. And even if they are extra careful they will have to cast a wider net. And that means there’s a great chance they’ll snag an honest whistleblower who’ll bring down their house of cards.

I challenge everyone, Democrat, Republican, Green, undeclared… vote your conscience not the party line. Make those who corrupt our voting system pay more to commit their crimes. Eventually they will destroy themselves. Don’t let them discourage you into silence. If you do, you’ve done worse than sell your vote. You’ve given it to them for FREE!

Maybe I'm more sensitive than most about voting because I'm a black woman (PC translation... African American Female). I've got the historical double whammie of people trying to keep it out of my hands. But, damn ya'll, don't lay down and roll over like a bunch of whipped puppies that easily for crying out loud. Instead of giving them the finger and storming off for a beer and a bitch session, put that finger to good use on that little touchscreen ballot so they have to pay more to void it out. (Wash it first though, I might be using that booth after you and I don't know where your finger's been.)

Seriously though, Vote in spite of them!!! It's a crazy idea, I know but no worse than that dumb "Gas Out" boycot idea. Besides, who knows we may be so busy trying to break the bank that we beat them anyway FAIR AND SQUARE.

Of course, "we" and "they" are left undefined on purpose. Hey, man, I don't wanna point no fingers. But them guilty parties know who they are. ;-)

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