Monday, February 21, 2005

All Junked Up.

I know better. I really do. I had a giant oatmeal chocolate chip cookie for breakfast and a coffee with hot chocolate mixed in.

Then I had ramen noodles for lunch, cause it’s raining and I didn’t want to drive some place. I was still hungry so I bought some milk from the vending machine and used it to soften up about 6 Oreo cookies I had stashed in a Ziploc bag in my desk.

I feel gross. I feel like I’m gonna hurl. I know better, but I didn’t care. I just did it anyway. It’s Lent for crying out loud! Shouldn’t I have given up dumb stuff like this?

And here I am thinking about starting a family. I need to take a class in nutrition or my future kids will get scooped up by Social Services right out of the womb.

I feel like poo. I just want to drink a lot of water and then belch to make it all go away. God, pleeease forgive me for not using the good sense You gave me!

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