Friday, February 11, 2005


I’m craving some serious bonding. I love my man but I miss my girlfriends. My best friends Anne & Carmen are so far away. Well Carmen is not too far but a two hour drive does not help with the hang out factor. Anne is all the way down in Florida. Maggie is back in the Midwest again. And I just heard from Francine. She’s in England studying at Oxford for her PhD; not surprising considering she’s a genius. Haven’t heard from Carolina in a while or my college pals Christina and Crystelle. I guess I need to catch up with folks. I talk to Susan every once in a while. And Melissa and I exchange emails every now and then.

People talk about male bonding but I don’t think ‘female bonding’ carries the same weight. It should though. I don’t know what I’d do without my friends. Actually of all my friends I think my mom is the one I count on most. My guy is wonderful but he pisses me off sometimes. Venting to my girlfriends about his work-aholic nature and occasional moodiness tends to elicit mirrored angst as they impart the antics of their own guys. But when I vent to my mom we end up laughing. Mainly cause she and my dad have usually been having the same issues after 26 years of marriage Somehow it’s easier to laugh about it and accept that it “ain’t gonna change” but you can still love each other anyway. With my gal pals it’s like “I can change him. I will change him. HE WILL BEND TO MY WILL ONE WAY OR THE OTHER!!!!” Yeah, right.

But I miss hanging out. Doing girly stuff. Having fun. Girls Night Out. Dancing. Chick flicks. Shopping. Enthusiastic bitch sessions sautéed in wine, cocktails and an endless supply of dessert. Trading our best stories on how we seduced our guys. And recounting the list of bastards we had to sift through to find the Lover Boy who now drives us crazy in good ways and bad. Yeah, I miss that stuff. A good girlfriend can save your life. And your sanity.

I work with a whole lot of really cool women. But I just don’t think any of us would really hang out together beyond an occasional Friday night happy hour. Plus, I’m lonelier than nun at a strip bar. Ever since I moved to San Diego, it’s just been me and Michael. And he’s more than content to abandon his friends and devote all his free time to me. Of course, when he works 7 days a week that doesn’t afford him much free time to lavish on me. So I need to find some girlfriends. Some local ones.

I don’t know why but I’m scared to. I found this group of women online who live locally. They get together and do stuff. One day I’m gonna join in on one of their ventures. I just don’t know when. Maybe I’m not lonely enough yet. It’s almost like online dating. Only it’s online friend-ing. Maybe I’ll try it.

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