Thursday, February 10, 2005

Things That Make You Go, OY!

Logic. It’s Just Not Natural. How else can it be so passionately ignored?

Take for example the gay marriage issue. AGAIN. People who are against it say that they are not discriminating against gays. They say that they just want to preserve marriage between a man and a woman. But by excluding one group from a legal right you are treating them differently based on who they are. Uh… last time I checked, that’s discrimination!

See what I mean? No logic. And it’s a global epidemic.

Take the Sunnis in Iraq. Their religious leaders exhorted them not to vote in the elections. Now they are realizing that in the new government they don’t have any representation. They are saying it’s not fair because their people didn’t get a say. Well, DUH! When you tell your people not to vote, and they don’t vote, then they don’t get government representation. What did you think would happen? That the rest of the country would throw you a bone and just appoint one of your guys as a consolation prize?

And then there’s North Korea. “We have nukes! We will use them to defend ourselves from a U.S. attack! All 2 of ‘em!!!” Okay guys, you wouldn’t be on the radar if you hadn’t made such a big deal of the fact that you were developing nuclear weapons. And how smart is it to advertise? I mean we attacked a country because we SUSPECTED WMDs and you come out and brag about it? And then you swagger about having TWO. Do you know how many we have? Well, neither do I, but I’m pretty sure it’s more than two. And from what I know about you (and I don’t much other that you’re somewhere near South Korea) you don’t even have any significant oil wells that we could want to spare from being irradiated. So we can pretty much obliterate you. Wouldn’t it have been more logical to at least wait till Bush’s term was over? You know how trigger happy our D.C. cowboy is.

And then there’s me. I watch too much T.V. I stay up too late and then I’m sleepy in the morning. I run late and then drive like a bat out of hell to get to work 10 minutes late. I start the day frustrated and I putz around until I can finally focus. Then I cram to get everything done. I sit in traffic with the rest of the cattle and crawl home. I get home and I’m wiped. So what do I do? I tell myself I need to veg cause my day sucked. Then I sit down in front of the tube and eat dinner. I stay for a few extra hours until I realize it’s 11:30 and by the time I clean out the kitty litter box, load the dishwasher, wash my face and brush my teeth it’s 12:30. Logic dictates I stop watching tv. But I don’t do it.



Dex2177 said...
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Dex2177 said...

...the Sunis will be brought to the table and have some part in the forming of the Iraqi constitution but will always be a minority and thereby have little or no say in the governing of Iraq anyway because of the nature of the election system the Americans have imposed in Iraq(Popular vs Representative). Iraq should have been devided up into 3 provinces, Kurd, Suni, and Shi'ite and each area should have had the same number of seats but oh well, odds are 7 out of 10 the Kurds susceed and the rest turns into(or remains) a snake pit anyway. What's done is done now.

As for North Korea, would the threat of local nuclear retaliation diswade(I know, bad spelling) the Americans from invading? Probably, but it doesn't matter. There's barely enough troops for Iraq and I don't think anyone in America's in the mood for Iraq Part II. It'll be airstrikes if anything and that a)won't do much and b)North Korea may be poor but it's armed to the teeth with all it's missiles pointed at South Korea and Japan. The United States doesn't invade countries that aren't already critically crippled. The last thing they want is to fight an actual WAR. So, yes, the US could turn just about any country into a glass parking lot but 2 nukes in medium range missiles aren't an offensive weapon, they're a disincentive for the enemy.

If nothing else, internationally, the Bush Administration has guaraunteed nuclear proliferation... but I'm probably being too serious in my reply to your post ;-) .

Dex2177 said...

PS. Sorry about that 'comment deleted' bit showing up there. Didn't know it was going to do that; I did a little editing. Do feel free to clean that up and remove it if it suits you.

Girl With An Alibi said...

No biggie! Virtual litter is bio-degradable and non-hazardous to the environment. Thanks for your comments. Peace!