Thursday, June 02, 2005

Do some people really SUCK or what?

What a day! What was supposed to be a productive day working from home has turned into a personal nightmare.

I've been trying to plan our wedding in October. One of the most important things to us was the reception. We both really wanted a laidback casual beach side reception. The kind where everyone can bring their bathing suits, picnic outside, play volleyball, surf...(you can still do that stuff in SD in early October).

I started looking over a month ago and after a few weeks of searching I found the perfect little beach house. It was in our price range, right on the sand, just minutes away from the church. I planned to rent it for a week so we would be able to do a bridal shower and rehearsal dinner at the same place. It was gonna save us more than a thousand dollars , plus offer additional housing for guests who were traveling from out of town.

Two weeks ago I sent a deposit of $500 along with a letter confirming all the details of the rental-- price, security deposit, dates, number of guests, etc. I asked the owner to confirm with me right away if I had mistated anything.

This morning (after 2 WEEKS) she calls me claiming that she had just now read my letter and that I was confused about the rate... that it's $3K not $2k for the week since our reception guest list is 40 people (which I had told her from day one)-- that's 40 people who, by the way, are not actually STAYING there, these are reception guests who will be there total of 6 HOURS!! Apparently ($2K is her rate for 20 people... but she gets $3K for 21-50 people!! ... or for just 2 people depending on which side of her face she's talking out of.) Also if we go over 50 people she will double the total rental. Oh and the refundable security deposit is $200 more than what she originally said. She even changed the check-in and check-out times!

Before I could say anything, she says she'll have to rip up my check and put it back up for rent. And that if I want it I'll have to give her another check. Can you believe this woman? "okay sounds good, Mam, but how much more would it be if you set that hoop on fire and doused me with gasoline before I jump through it."

She must think I'm a fool. I'll bet I know exactly what happened. She more than likely figured out that the date was Columbus Day Weekend. She was probably getting a lot of demand and thought "damn I can get at least another $1000 more for this place." I suspect she'd probably rented it to someone else already and laid down terms too ludicrous for any rational human being to accept.

After having a long cry over the loss of my dream wedding reception; I wrote her an email, far more polite than she deserved, explaining my disappointment and loss of trust.

Now get this... she had the nerve to write me back and say that because of my email I had lost any chance of ever renting that property! You're kidding me right? Does she really think I would ever trust her again? I wrote her back and told her that my email was meant to imply that I had lost all DESIRE to rent the property ever again. Having to get the last word she replies with a terse "Good Luck." What a child! I take that back... I don't want to insult children. I love children. What a petty little bitch! Wait I take that back I like dogs too... especially petty female ones. Aw screw it ...she's not worth the insult!!!

Well I pray that the Karma gods were awake today. I hope whoever she was so hot to rent to is a sociopath who trashes her place... or maybe some drug dealer who sets up a temporary meth lab that explodes... oh how about some college kid who accidentally burns the place down... better yet an attorney who accidentally falls off the balcony and then sues her for everything she's worth and ends up owning that F*#@ing beach house!!!! Amen!

Well I can hope can't I?

There I vented... I feel better now. Thank you all for listening.


Sara said...

ohhhhhh I'm making a voodoo doll of that greedy-good-for-nothing-thick-headed-shit right now.
I have come to the conclusion that most (if not all) landlords are crooks and liars. The only thing I can say is next time, get the shit in writing first thing. That way they can't change the details as easily. I learned this the hard way too.
I hope it's the lawyer that gets it, that would definitely be devine justice.
As for your dream reception, I am keeping my fingers crossed that you find an even better place.

Girl With An Alibi said...

Yes... Voodoo doll good. Maybe get a dog to take a crap on it and it will be Doodoo Voodoo Doll ...even better. >:D

I'm sure we'll find a better place. It might cost us more though. Hopefully my folks can help out a bit.

Anonymous said...

That really does suck. I hope you can get a better deal on a better situation--soon! And CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope you post some pictures of the happy day! :)

Also, I did see your comment on my blog about using some of my stuff for a book for your boss. That's okay with me, just make sure you check with my syndicate. Contact Jodie Lynn at

Have a GREAT weekend!

Lisa Barker

Dex2177 said...

Now, of course I would never council someone on the commission of a crime, however, if one were to, say... squirt crazy glue in their locks the day before Columbus day... hmm... no, that would be just bad.

Girl With An Alibi said...

Oh I do love the way you people think! (BWHAA HAH HAH!!!)

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