Tuesday, June 07, 2005

So NOT Focused Today

I am a victim of lack of focus lately. I have shitloads.. and I do mean shitloads of work to do. But my mind is scattered. I don’t understand why. I mean I’ve been taking vitamins. I’ve been sleeping through the night. I haven’t been drinking. What gives?

I think it’s all that’s going on. Wedding planning (mine). Baby shower planning (for 2 different co-workers, not for me). Working the Marathon last weekend. Playing single mom to the cats while my man’s away… (if we have kids and he leaves me, he’s gonna have to take them with him cause the cats are kicking my butt). Keeping the house mostly clean. Ignoring the laundry and ironing. Doing yard work, which I pretty much avoid like the plague. Arranging for deliveries at the house when I’m not there. Training classes at work. My actual job. Trying to find a new location for my reception. Oh and just a bunch of other piddly things that keep me from doing what’s really important in life… BLOGGING!

Of course I’ve be lurking like a fiend lately on everyone else’s site. So I figure I better post something soon before people start flaming my old posts.

I swear I’ll be back to normal next week…. Hopefully.


Truecraig said...

Baby showers? Oh man. So. Much. Fun.

I like the name-guessing games myself. No one ever takes my guesses seriously though. Johnny "dew claw", or "hatchet head" Melissa. I mean, those are good, Christian names. Family names, for some folks.

Good luck with the wedding planning!!!

Sara said...

I did one babyshower in my life for my best friend (besides the one I threw for myself that my mother in law took credit for). She had the baby before the shower and had just gotten home from the hospital that morning and was in pain. The games I picked didn't go over too well. The beautiful gourmet, specially designed cake ended up having steel wool in it. I heard rumors that some of the guests literally wanted to lynch me afterwards.

But hey, good luck! :)

aughra said...

nothing wrong with being a little crazed - I have been for four years now.

StephTexas1976 said...

sounds like you have your hands full so we will forgive your lack of postings just this once!!

good luck with it all!