Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Gay Dog At The Four Seasons

Michael had a lousy time in Hawaii. He was so happy to come home. The condo they were working on was in a town called Hilo. He says it was the "armpit" of Hawaii. Let's just say there was no Aloha Spirit to be seen.

They were miserable the whole time. So while they (him and our friend Justin) were there they created this fictional character, Gay Dog to entertain themselves. It's a rainbow colored mutt that is incessantly happy. And depending on how they draw him he looks like a dog or a pig.

Don't ask me how they came up with it. There's a whole story that's not that funny but the little voices they do are hysterical. So he's been going around all week talking in a falsetto voice saying, "Don't Shoot! Gay Dog!.... or Pig."

So any way we are splurging this weekend. One night at the Four Seasons. We are getting the Jazz package which includes dinner and a private guests only Jazz Concert. It's worth the $600 Michael says, "because we get a concert, dinner, we can drink alot because we won't have to drive and we get to have sex at the Four Seasons!" Okay, I'm sold! Now mind you, we can't actually afford the Four Seasons but that's not stopping us. Last year we had no fun at all so we are going for broke (literally) and dedicating ourselves to fun.

But I can just see us having beers on the veranda in the Four Seasons restaurant listening to Jazz and every now and then a little voice piping up out of nowhere "Don't Shoot! Gay Dog!.... or Pig."


Anonymous said...

man - that sounds like a great time!!!!!

now whos jealous??????

TX Princess Steph

aughra said...

That's great! I can just see you, all dressed up, giggling 'gay dog! or pig!'

gone said...

Splurging at a hotel you can't afford is the best. Try Hotwire for it, though...if you don't care exactly which ridiculously fancy hotel you end up at. My wife and I hit the Swissotel and Hotel Allegro in Chicago, bother were very nice and worth every penny.