Friday, December 16, 2005

5 MORE Weird Habits

I’m tagging myself on from Brookes post.

Since I pretty much logged my embarrassing habits in this post and most of them are pretty weird, let’s just call this 5 MORE weird habits.

  1. I have conversations with my cats. I do both sides of the conversation and yet somehow they get all the best lines.
  2. I sing many of my conversations with Michael. He does it too, so it isn’t just me. We do it country, bluesy, opera-style… all different music genres. It’s fun. We try to make things rhyme when we do it. However, it usually ends up with us agreeing that if we raise our kids this way they are going to be picked on really badly at school.
  3. I read Dear Abbey every morning at work and imagine what I would do if someone in my family behaved the way people in those letters do.
  4. I imagine different horrible ways I could die. I do this pretty much daily. However, when I actually get up to the moment of my death, I think of some miraculous way I could be saved or I just change the subject. (Example, this morning I had a nose bleed and imagined that it was a sign of a brain tumor caused by cell phone use. Then I decided I needed to do my nails this weekend no matter what, so I never actually imagined my final tragic moments as I succumb to brain cancer.)
  5. I dance for no reason without even realizing I’m doing it. No music playing or anything; I just start moving to whatever I’m hearing in my head (which is sometimes nothing.) Last night I was having a conversation (spoken not sung) with Michael and I started doing The Robot as I was standing there. He just looked at me like I was nuts and then started laughing.


gone said...


Girl With An Alibi said...

I actually prefer Kook to weirdo. Or as Michael affectionately calls me "Cuckoo-Head".


gone said...

You made me giggle through the whole weird list of habits. :)
I love it. I do the same thing with planning how to escape a horrible and trajic death, only now I have to save Gillian too.
You are so cute. Thanks for the laugh.

Girl With An Alibi said...

Here's a quote someone just emailed me:
"Research shows that on average, men worry about 3 things: their immediate families, work and money. But women worry about an average of 12 things: including the extended family, friends, their weight, the dog, and more."
Source: Psychologist Ali Domar, PhD, Health magazine Columnist

I guess we can assume that the potential for horrible tragic deaths for ourselves and those we love is on that list too. :D

Christine said...

That death thang is truly weird. Hats off to ya. You win LOL

Brookelina said...

Freak! Love your stuff!

Men worry about way more than that. They worry about receding hairlines, their penises, sex, their penises, sports, their penises....

The Notorious S.O.B. said...

I thought I was weird because I cant eat tuna for fear of a fish jumpin' outta the can when I open it. I think you win girl.

... jacek ... said...

those aren't wierd, those are actually awesome. and i totally know the whole death thing, i think about my own demise daily as well :) and its always wierd

Girl With An Alibi said...

Christine- Thanks. I'm quite proud of my weirdness. :)

Brooke - I'll bet the question on that male survey was : "What, besides your penis, do you worry about?"

SOB - Dude, Tunaphobia is way weirder.

El- I'm glad I'm not the only one. :)