Friday, August 19, 2005

Alibi's 100th Post: My Famous Quote

After my escape from my horrible ex-boyfriend many years ago I made up a "Famous Quote." I imagined it to be the deep words of wisdom that I'd like to be remembered for if I ever get famous and then like ... die or something. So today for my 100th post I'd like to start my own meme as I share my "Famous Quote."

Where you can not be honest, you are not welcome.
Where you can not be yourself, you have no place.
Where you can not be true, you can not belong.

Thank you all for making this blog a place where I can belong.

[I invite you all to try this meme and offer the world your own "Famous Quote," the only condition is that it has to be your own and not some already dead famous person. Have Fun!]


gone said...

congrats on your 100th post! It was a great one and your quotes were perfect. I'm so glad to have been given a chance to see into your sweet soul.

May your blogging days be full of many more posts!

Brookelina said...

I love that. And I'm going to use it, because Lord knows I'm not that profound on my own. Pat yourself on the back. And congrats on 100. :)

Fat Chance said...

Okay, here's one. Maybe I heard it somewhere, maybe it's original:

"If it's not one thing--it's two."

Very profound, eh?

Princess Steph said...

"I know its not your fault but its not mine either."

Thats my work motto.

Congrats on hitting 100 - keep up the good work!

gone said...

We posted our hundredth on the same day? How wild!

I don't have a famous quote of mine to contribute. If I think of one, I will return, though.


John said...

Great Job with the 100th post. I'm almost there with my daughter's site.

Just off the top of my head for this quote, but it is reminisent of a childhood experience of mine

"Never look into the end of a garden hose without realizing you might get squirted in the face."