Thursday, August 25, 2005

Excuses, excuses!

Top 10 Lame Excuses For Not Having an HNT for Today.

  1. Work. I've actually been earning my pay check this week. Crazy, huh?
  2. I can't upload pics from work cause of the firewall.
  3. Had to sort through our bills last night -- such a buzz kill.
  4. Discovered an ant investation in my cat's litter box last night.
  5. Our new bed is too firm so I haven't been sleeping too good and being sleepy made me forget.
  6. Made homemade french fries last night. (After a giant plate of fries I just want to sleep.)
  7. Was feeling non-techy last night and didn't want to turn on the computer and download the camera.
  8. Cat's had late night fight and chased each other across my face! so I overslept and didn't have time this morning.
  9. I've only been fully naked when my camera was handy and it's not called FNT.
  10. I got confused and started working on a Half Nekkid Haiku.

Title: Half Nekkid Haiku Thursday
She gives excuses
A hint of skin unrevealed
Half Nekkid longing

I'll try to be Half Nekkid next week.

Happy Friday-Eve!


Princess Steph said...

ok we will let it slide this week but only because you took the time to make the list.

ant in the cat poo- that cant be good!!

Osbasso said...

We got our first HNT x-ray earlier from someone else, and now we have our first HNT haiku. I like it! Just a hint though--there's still almost 12 hours to go in my Thursday. Have a little glass of wine after dinner tonight, relax, and if you have the FNT thing going, just take a picture of half of it!

Aims said...

I love those great excuses!!

gone said...

those are perfect excuses!

Amberjane said...

Ew... ants in a litterbox... that's nasty.