Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Brightly in the heavens...

There are times when I pass a stranger on the street or in a store and I am drawn to say something kind or do a gentle deed. I don't know what it is. It's as if at that moment I must be there to give them that gentle nudge. That little bit of encourage that they didn't even think to pray for. It's been done for me too. But I feel incredibly alive for that fleeting moment when I know I am sowing a seed that I may never see blossom.

Other times a person will come into my life and I know instinctively that our paths were meant to cross. It is for me so clear an evidence of the hand of God that I am surprised that we can't dust ourselves for prints and discover evidence of His touch.

In both of these situations I feel as if I am watching a star being born in the heavens. Blogging has made me realize that this curious and beautiful phenomenon is not limited to physical contact. I have felt it here in the Blogosphere among many of you. Frequently in fact.

And this weekend I felt it very powerfully. Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to a lovely star. Her name is Bren. She shines with a bittersweet light. If you have moment stop by and see her and let her know that you see how wonderfully she shines.


Anonymous said...

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Wow! I like your blog! I be back and so will my friends. Looks like you've found your niche.

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Come and take a look when you get time.

gone said...

Comment spam! I'll visit Bren. Right now.

gone said...

Well put. You are a true gem, girl. Your writing is so visual and your thoughts are so enlightening. I will stop by and see Bren right now. ;)

Girl With An Alibi said...

Thank you guys for visiting her. It's amazing what that woman has gone through in the last few months and in her life. I can't imagine. She just sounds amazingly strong and yet vulnerble too. Kind of like the rest of us, I guess.