Thursday, September 08, 2005

30 Days...

...and counting until my wedding.

So my posts are going to become sporadic over the next month. I'll try to contribute to all the fun stuff (HNT, Haiku Thursday and Flash Fiction) as I can. But you'll have to forgive me for my inconsistency.

I'm losing my mind. Can you believe Michael has not even confirmed who's going to be his best man?!!!! ARRRGGGHHH!!!! It's okay I'm calm. Really.

I just have to get his suit altered. Finish the wedding CDs (including designing the art work). Edit my video gift for Michael (it's a surprise. It's nothing naked or anything but it's going to have a tribute to his Dad who passed away when Michael was 12.) Buy a mini DVD player (so I can show the video at the reception.) Decorate our jumping broom. Pickup my dress. Deliver the cake topper to the baker. Confirm the guest list. Help Michael finish clearing out the guest house. Get his ring. Pick up my ring that's being re-set. and... and.... Oh god... panicking... list is soooo long... so much more stuff than this... *whimper*

Just need to hold on... Martini Friday in less than 32 hours... good
Tequila shot Thursday in less than 8 hours... even better.


Lucky Balaraman said...

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gone said...

I remember this stage. Surprisingly, I did a lot of the leg work for our wedding. I'm the planner, Sarah is the feeler. Good luck.

Neil said...

Uh oh, I see someone very stressed for the next month. Maybe your groom hasn't picked a best man yet -- because you would have been his first choice as best friend.

Princess Steph said...

awwwww- it will all be ok!!!!

such fun you will have!

kimananda said...

Wow, you sound busy! Congrats on the upcoming nuptuals, and I hope all goes well!

Jenny said...

Hey, congratulations!
Not to sound like a broken record, but everything will work out! This will all be a blur when your big day comes, and you'll have the greatest day EVER whether everything is perfect or not..:o)

gone said...

Oh, one suggestion for the big the food! It is the one thing Sarah and I regret. We didn't eat any of the wonderful catered goodness because we were so busy hobnobbing. Take the time to sit and eat with your new hubby. You'll thank me later.

Brookelina said...

I'm a fabulous wedding planner and have always wanted to go to San Diego. Send ticket.

It's going to be fine!!! Take out your frustration on the spammer!

Christine said...

What's a jumping broom and how and why does one decorate it? I feel like a total moron. :-(

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