Tuesday, September 20, 2005


That's how I feel this morning.

We did our Engaged Encounter this weekend. It was really good. But emotionally and physically draining. I hadn't quite recovered from it yesterday at work. Work was non-stop busy. Today will be as well.

Last night there was wicked thunder and lightening storm. It sounded and felt like explosions all night long right outside the house. I hardly slept at all.

This morning I was such a zombie I left the house without my purse and had to drive home and get it. I'd have said "screw it" but I know I need to get gas in order to get home tonight. I finally got into work at 9am.

I'm supposed to meet the wedding planner at the church tonight to go over flowers and some other details that are slipping my mind.

The office at home is a mess and I have to clean it.

I want sleep.

I'll have to cook dinner.

I took some chicken out to thaw last night and the ants got to it this morning. Ants suck.

There's some good news. Michael made me coffee this morning so I didn't kill myself driving in by falling asleep at the wheel. Also I found out my Aunt Rita changed her mind and she is coming to the wedding. That makes me happy. Aunts don't suck.


gone said...

Oh there is nothing like having coffee made for you in the morning after almost no sleep.
I hope you survive your day.

gone said...

Homophones! Yay!

Foreverdad said...

Hey i went to an engaged encounter 28 years ago. It was good then...do they still ask you to look into your loved ones eye and say what you see? Thanks for the good memories.

gone said...

Did your day get better for you?

John said...

You might want to check out my latest Haiku. I received some pictures of a friend of mine who took some pictures by our old house of the storm. Although I like Colorado, I do miss where we used to live. :(


Girl With An Alibi said...

Well I made it through the day. It was longer than anticipated and I'm still tired but not so much a zombie.

Dad- There was much eye contact happening indeed. At one point we had to look into each other's eyes and apologize for a recent hurt. Neither of us could think of anything so Michael said,"I know I hurt you when... I accidentally ripped your wedding dress." I almost passed out before he said "Kidding! kidding!" I could have strangled him but we got a good laugh out of it.

HJ- THAT was the storm alright. Multiply that by like 100 and spread it out all night long. Excellent Haiku.