Tuesday, May 31, 2005

As an homage to Unseen Blogger...

...here are the top ten things I learned this weekend.

  1. It is infinitely better to see Jazz live than to listen to it on the radio or on CD. I went to the Annual Jazz Festival this weekend and saw some of the most amazing artists. The music was utterly transcendent and puts recorded jazz to shame.
  2. Jazz is the official music of interracial couples (or else San Diego is the most mixed city in the country) I think at least a third of the couples at the Jazz Festival were mixed… I’m not kidding… I thought I was in a bi-racial twilight zone.
  3. You cannot trust those automated "credit card only" parking structures… the sign clearly said $6.00 daily rate but the damn thing charged me $15.00
  4. It is fairly easy to get a movie date with a total stranger online.
  5. Avoid getting in the line of the old, toothless cashier at the movie theater, she is also the slowest.
  6. Although a Jedi knight can do amazing backflips from unnatural heights and levitate things and people with his mind he is unable to save himself when tossed out of a window… something about losing an arm breaks his concentration I guess.
  7. All fast food Hot Wing restaurants suck… ALL of them without exception.
  8. The best way to end a day is watching the sunset, drinking red wine, eating chocolate and smoking a cigar.
  9. Unless you are a regular cigar smoker, never smoke one on a “school night” you will feel like total crap the next day.
  10. “Cat repellent” which is intended to keep your cats from pooping in the house plants is also “People repellant”

    I’ve recently been tagged by Dada in the Ceasar’s Bath meme… I’m trying to think of a fifth thing that my friends are into that I just don’t get. So I’ll have that posted soon.

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The Unseen One said...

Thank you for the homage. :D

#3 - Oh, man! This would have thrown me into a destructive rage. Well, an inner destructive rage. I wouldn't have actually destroyed anything... as I am saving up for bathing the earth in nuclear fire. ;)

#5 - Ah, so that isn't just a Pittsburgh phenomenon! Good to know!

#6 - Yeah, I could never figure that one out either. And of course, the first thing that went through my mind on that scene was "Where are they going to get a replacement window?"

#8 - I could think of a few ways that would rival that... ;)
That also sounds like a great way to enjoy a sunrise. Heh heh.