Tuesday, May 24, 2005

While the Cat's Away the Mouse Will Work Her Ass Off.

Aw man! Can you believe I’ve actually had to work this past week? Jeez! Seriously though I’m happy because I hate when it’s slow. Right now it's wickedly busy. I’m just taking a lil’ break since I had to work through lunch today and will probably be here late tonight.

Michael left this morning for his month-long business trip. Damn. And it’s in Hawaii. Double-damn. Of course you’d think he’s being sent to prison for 30 days rather than paradise. He hates to travel. He really hates to be away from me. I already miss him.

Well at least he finally got my engagement ring for me. Yeah!!! I’m very impressed because even though he promised, I figured he wouldn’t have time before he left. It makes me feel great that he remembered. So this morning I’m driving to work with majorly stupid grin on my face. And I’m using my left hand for everything so people will notice.

Sure we’re already legally married but we’re still doing our church wedding this fall. And most people don’t know we eloped last year so as far as our friends and family knows we’re just engaged. Only our parents and a few close friends (and blogging mass of strangers who happen to stumble on this blog) actually know.

Well break time over. Must get back to the grind. Will probably be here til 7 or 8. Yuck.


dadahead said...


Girl With An Alibi said...

Thanks Dada!

Jessie said...

Aww Congrats! When I got my engagedment ring I used my left hand for everything too...I just couldn't help it :-)

aughra said...

That is great - wave that left hand like you are in a parade! Why did you get married early? Insurance purposes?

Girl With An Alibi said...

We did early for multiple reasons... health insurance, property, bank loans, taxes, grandmother breathin' down my neck about livin' in sin... the usual, but mostly that last one. She was afraid we'd die before we had money to do the big official wedding and then burn in hell... which of course God would hold her partially responsible for given that she taught me better than that. I just couldn't take the guilt... but what's funny is that we did it in "mock" secret... I told my mom to tell her but to say that "I" didn't want anyone to know. So now she pretends that she doesn't know...I do love her to death though... my family can be such a freakin' sit-com.