Tuesday, May 31, 2005

hyperventilating... must breathe... count to 10...

So knucklehead finally responds to the urgent email I sent four hours ago for information... only get this, she was really responding to another email that I sent early this morning on something else entirely!

And her response to email number one which I needed the answer on this morning was "can I meet with you first thing tomorrow morning?" Mind you the project is DUE first thing tomorrow morning-- so when exactly do I work on it if I don't get what I need till it's already too late?!!!

Fortunately, I had guessed her answer correctly on email number 2... and had started working on it... but the information is incomplete and she seamed totally unconcerned about it because she's going to "change alot of it again in the next few days." But golly that project is due TODAY!


But now I've been waiting for her so long I'm going to miss my chiropractor appointment which means I get to carry idiot-induced stress for an extra day. Oh JOY!!!

Ad Writer Kills Co-Worker Over Missed Deadlines
Look for that headline in the San Diego Union Tribune Online before the week is over. The picture of the black woman in handcuffs with a manic grin on her face will be me!

I'm going to go home and sharpen my kitchen knives.


Truecraig said...

I recommend blunt trauma. Knives are waaaaaay too messy to use on useless coworkers.

Kidding! Unless you're serious. Because then, not only am I kidding, but I am also going to tell the judge I've never read this blog entry in my life.

And I will delete this comment.

Errr... All this "talk" is starting to freak my shit. Maybe it's the coffee talking. Moving on.

Sara said...

Blunt trauma with a frozen leg of lamb. Cook and eat the evidence. Voila. I think I read that story in high school.

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