Sunday, May 01, 2005

Something Creative

When my friend Anne got married, I wrote this cool poem for her wedding. And when Michael's friends got married they had some sort of poem/vows or something they read. So of course when we do our ceremony in October (we're already married legally) it comes down to me (cause I'm the writer) to write something that has to be better than what our friends had. Oy! The pressure!

So I figured I'd start writing some things now and just bounce 'em off you guys see what you think. So here is wedding poem number one. It doesn't rhyme but I don't care.
I like the Orange blossom image because it's very traditional and I do plan to put them in my hair. It also reflects our beach theme for the reception.

With Orange Blossoms

It’s in the air today.
Scented breeze and love all opened up and free

He is holding his breath
She braids her hair with orange blossoms for him

They watch and they witness
Something strange and beautiful is now beginning

She is in the sunlight
Coming to him from the heather and the thistle

He stands by the ocean
Letting the world in on God’s secret about them

It’s in the air today
Vows sweet as orange blossoms and deep as the sea


StephTexas1976 said...

quite lovely my dear...

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