Friday, May 27, 2005

Who Should Take My Nudie Pics?

So I’m looking for a photographer for the wedding. A friend at work suggests that I ask our two Image Producers for referrals since they work with photographers. They both give me two great references. But one of ‘em tells me that the photographer he recommends does great semi-nude shots of brides that they can give to their grooms. I ask the other photographer and he does them too.

I think that this is a great idea and I’m fairly certain my man’s gonna love it. But here’s the thing. One of the photographers is male the other is female. Overall I love the style of the guy’s pictures infinitely better than I do the woman’s. I mean she’s good too, but it’s kind of standard portrait stuff… real workman-like.

But they guy is awesome… his pictures are far more striking. Even the regular wedding shots are better… they have that candid not-too-posed feel. Like you’re capturing a real moment in time and really seeing the heart and soul of the person.

Now I’m definitely gonna use him for the wedding (he’s a better value price wise for that too) but I don’t know about the semi-nude pics. I’m thinking Michael might freak if he knows I took my clothes off in front of some other guy (or even that I was thinking about it) not that I’m gonna have my coochie or my boobs hanging out, but you know how guys can get. However, I just have more confidence that I’ll get something classy and truly beautiful from the guy as opposed to the woman. Also I’d be paying more for the guy's work (twice the price actually) although I’ll probably be happier.

So what do you think? Should I just go with the photographer I like and get shots that I know will really knock Michael’s socks off. Or go with the woman for ½ price and get something I may not like as much.

Other points to consider…
1. I would be doing this for myself as much as for Michael because let’s face it, once we start having kids, my body’s never gonna be the same, I’d like to have a record of my good looks to remember them. :)
2. The male photographer is HOT! Which Michael will realize when the guy shows up to shoot the wedding.

I await your advice.

BTW: before anyone asks, no I will not post the pics.


Jason said...

Two questions:

1. Are you significantly less comfortable yourself in front of the guy? (I assume not, or you would have mentioned it.)

2. Is there any way you could tell your husband that you had them taken by the female photog?

Girl With An Alibi said...

Good, questions...
Actually, this guy is a professional, so I'm not especially uncomfortable in that situation. If it was just some schmoe wanting to do some photography on the side I wouldn't consider it.

I really don't want to lie to Michael since our relationship is very open and honest (with the exception that I usually lie about appointment times by telling him that things start an up to hour earlier than they really do cause he's always late.) So I'd tell him the truth

Dex2177 said...

Sounds like someone finds handsome photographers seducing, hmm? ooo... he's so artsy... :p

DeeDee said...

Go with what who you like.. Especially if you know you will get great pictures.. Shoot.. we generally spend lots of money on the things we really want, so this will just be one of those things. Or is that just me? hmm

Girl With An Alibi said...

Honestly, Graham I am a faithful girlfriend...but damn, I'm not blind! :D

Yeah, Deedee I think I'm gonna go with the guy. But I talked to my friend Carmen and asked her advice... she says to go with the guy but take along someone that both Michael and I trust... that way he'll know that everything was above board... of course she volunteered to be my bodyguard/ chaperone ...(that's my girl...never one to miss out on checking out a hot guy.)

Sara said...

I completely agree with Carmen and was going to suggest the same. Take along a friend. A single female (if the photographer is single) would be good (if you can't have him, hook up one of your girls). I have also seen photographers that have a female assistant present during such shoots.
I have always wanted to do something like this. I hope you have fun and enjoy your pics.