Tuesday, May 31, 2005


You know, people who seriously don't know how do their freakin' jobs are far more frustrating than the people who are just to lazy to do them.

I have a newish co-worker who clearly has no friggin' clue! She is driving me nuts. Because of her I am now more than a week behind on two very important projects. I will be working a shit load of unpaid (cause I'm salaried) overtime because of her. And my team is going to be behind because I can't deliver what they need in time. So within my team that makes me responsible if we miss these deadlines.

I usually try to cut new people some slack and reserve judgement until they are up to speed. But this chick was talked up by our CEO when he hired her like she was the second coming or something. That just burns me. Was the rest of the field so bad or did she just interview really well?

On the bright side. I think the CEO is figuring out she might have been a mistake. In a meeting on Friday he called her out (albeit nicely) in front of everyone on a couple of really stupid decisions that she had no answer for -- or logical reasoning for that matter. So maybe she won't be here much longer.

I hate to sound mean because I don't dislike her. I just don't think she's qualified. She's like fish out of water around here. She's got that perpetual "deer in the headlights stare" that she tries to cover up by making decisions that she hasn't thought out yet. And she says it as if she was having an epiphany or something. I mean... why do people take jobs they're not qualified for? If it was a low level job I could understand it... you know "learn as you go" ... but her position is responsible for driving 30% or more of our revenue and she's setting us up to end the year in the red.

I feel like crying.

If you guys don't hear much from me in the next two weeks blame her... uh not that I post this stuff while I'm supposed to be working or anything.


Sara said...

I know of a lot of people who lie lie lie on their resume's and talk a good game in an interview and somehow get away with it. Usually these people end up making asses out of themselves because they get into something they can't handle but they do it for the money. Maybe that's what happened here. Who knows. I hope she either gets her head in the game or gets benched. Good luck.

DeeDee said...

Shoot that goes on here in the library all the time.. And getting fired or let go is hard to do here.. So just imagine we get stuck with these people who have never worked in a library and then you have to train them and it takes them years to finally, if then, get it together. By then after you have trained them to be just as good as you(sometimes it doesn't work) they move on to find a better paying job and then they hire another bumbling id-yat you have to train again.. *sigh*

Oh.. and they never hire the person you want them to hire.. And nine times out of ten the person you want to hire already works in the library and know what's going on.
So when I become the Head Librarian(yeah right) I'll have to make some changes around here.

aughra said...

Good luck with that. Isn't it tough being strong and intelligent when so many women arent?!

dex2177 said...

"Was the rest of the field so bad or did she just interview really well?"

Two words: Blow Job

dex2177 said...

...could be one word but "two words" just sounds better, lol ;-)