Sunday, July 24, 2005

7 Favorite Parts Of A Man

Lately, I've been bogged down by deep thoughts over things I have read on other blogs. Some dark truths are trying to bubble their way to the surface. But I'm still trying to figure out how to voice them. So since my contemplative side is occupied I thought I'd let my randy side come out and play for a bit...

Posting the sexy pic of Vin got me thinking. What is it that makes a guy sexy(in a physical sense)? Every woman’s got that one set of attributes that really turn her on in a guy. – And, no fellas it’s not always the size of your, uh,tool box.
  1. Smiles & Dimples:I’m a sucker for dimples, they go hand in hand with a fabulous smile. There’sa picture of my grandmother’s youngest brother; my Uncle Travis. It used to hang in the upstairs hall. He has this absolutely glowing smile and dimples so deep they seem to cut through his cheeks. When I was a child I’d look at that picture and think he was the handsomest man I’d ever seen.
  2. Hip Divots a.k.a. “The Groove of Apollo”:That wonderful curve of muscle and bone on a well sculpted man that just makes a woman melt.*SIGH* The elegant definition of the muscle structure that implies so much power. Let’s be honest, ladies, we sort of start imagining ourselves on the receiving end of that power, don’t we? No? Just me I guess.;-D
  3. Beards:I hated facial hair when I was akid. Now I can barely stand clean faces. What changed? I discovered that there were some delightfully kinky (and ticklish) benefits to beards and mustaches and that’s all I’m gonna say about that… use your imagination.
  4. Chest hair:Making out with a chest-hairless guy is like making out with a 14 year old…and I didn’t even do that when Iwas 14. My first serious “grown-up” boy friend in college had wonderful soft silky chest hair. Caveat: when it doesn’t stop at the chest and runs rampant and wooly over the shoulders back and ass … then it’s not so sexy. (A few strays are okay but not when you need to use extra shampoo in the shower to take care of things back there... eeeew! It's like, man-up and get that stuff waxed!!!)
  5. Rough But Graceful Hands:Michael is a Contractor so he works with his hands. They get really rough and tough looking. But his fingers are long and thin and graceful when they move. Something about that combination just gets me totally hot. When he touches me, I’m basically gone. I love hands that you know have DONE something. I need a few callouses to convince me I'm gonna get spanked by a REAL MAN. MmmmHmmm!
  6. Hairline: You know that soft, almost dewy spot on a man’s brow just where the hairline starts. I love that spot…mmmmwah! Made for kissing.
  7. Long Lashes:Especially long dark lashes on a guy. I don’t know one woman who doesn’tadore men withlonglashes. It’s that moment when he looks down at something and you see them laying all tender against the top curves of his cheekbones… and in that instant you can see what your future babies will look like when they’re sleeping. *double sigh*

Now mind you. All these delicious qualities put together mean NOTHING if he’s not sexy on the inside. That takes intelligence,a sense of humor, honesty, kindness, imagination loyalty and a whole hostof other qualities that you can’t get from a plastic surgeon.

I’m really serious about that. I once dated the manager of my health club back in NJ. This guy pounded all 7 of these points with hammer and DROVE ‘EM HOME, BABY! YEAH!!! But as a person he was shallow, vain, insensitive and basically a prick. So that lasted less than a week. Besides that I’ve noticed that guys with all of these traits tend to be “pretty boys” who go through women like a dog through a pack of T-bones. However, they are perfectly acceptable for random lusting and drive-by fantasizing.

Fortunately, my man has all the good stuff plus a healthy 6 out of my 7 faves. We’re working on the hip divots, but otherwise he’s Golden. Plus he’s got a naturally cleft chin which is like a Hunk Bonus Point.


sweetdecline said...

Oh this was a fun post! I got butterflies just reading it. he he.
My baby has got it all and what makes me insain with love is that he has the sexiest inner man of any male I've ever dated. Hhmmmmmm...I can't wait till he gets home. ;)

gone said...

Sarah, what are you talking about? I have no divots! Unless you call that pooch that touches my belt buckle everytime I sit down a divot! You are blinded by love, dear. I shouldn't have told you, but you are.

Sara said...

I agree with all seven but I have to add one... the back.
If a guy has the right back, strong and toned and has that nice little dip in the middle of his lower, then you know he can actually move rather than laying there and trying to use his whole body if you ladies know what I mean.
Put all of this on a thick, stocky man and that is my idea of mr. physically perfect.

gone said...

ok, so i'm blinded by love, but you do have divots! when you lay on your side the little poochy poochy (as brooke described elsewhere) kind of falls slightly toward the bed and your hip bones are pushing out...creating...ok its not divot, the word would be dip. i don't know!

gone said...

sv - yes, the back is a good one too.
and i gotta tell you girl w/ alibi, you did a GREAT job explaining what it is about a male's body that is sexy. i used to think of the male body as boring and chizzled, not exciting or erotic...not till i met jacob.
see what love does?

*read this in a whisper* i still don't like the word penis.

gone said...

eewwwwwe, i can't believe i spelled it out on the blog! alright, i'm done.

gone said...

damnitt, i'm sorry sara, your not sv (the other sarah)!
your still right about the back.

Girl With An Alibi said...

Sara - Mmmm... yes forgot about the back... very nice! :)

SweetD- Yes it's an odd name for an odd little member, isn't it? Michael will kill for this but, well he doesn't read my blog so here ya go.... I nicknamed his Master William and do I little voices for it (in a British accent), and when Master Will is not uh... at attention... I use "him" to put on puppet shows... (which tends make "him" want to be at attention actually) Michael pretty much laughs himself to death when I do that.

gone said...

sweet! that was hillarious, i'll have to try the puppet show. LOL
I use the word "pepe"...i guess i should stop here for jacob's sake.
but man i could go on for hours about this! darn, i wish jacob wasn't a blogger right now.

gone said...

Oh, Jesus. I may have to disappear from Blogger for a while.

Princess Steph said...

excellent post my dear- makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

i love to see dimples on a guy- they add this sexy innocence to their faces (I have them and HATE them of course)

The Moviequill said...

and you didn't even put 'cute bum', that has to be your #8 though right?

Josh said...

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