Thursday, July 07, 2005

Why I Love: Angelina Jolie

From time to time I'm going to offer reasons why I love something that a lot of folks dis. My first topic is one of my favorite actresses....
Angelina Jolie
I absolutely adore Angelina Jolie. I really do. Okay, the snuggly/kissy-face with her brother was a tad disturbing and she could probably use some counseling on her relationship with her dad. But, hell who doesn’t have a dysfunctional family in one form or another?

Here’s 5 Reasons Why I Love Angelina Jolie...

1. She’s a humanitarian: Sure the world is teaming with celebs and their causes. But I honestly believe she really cares about the poverty that plagues the world’s children. When you’ve been blessed with that much wealth and success it is far better that you should try to make a difference in the world and suffer the slings of public criticism than it would be to just indulge yourself J. Lo style. And she's done it without jumping on the Scientology or Kaballah band wagons (at least not yet, thank heavens).

2. She’s a solid actress: I don’t say great actress, although I think she has the potential, she’s not there yet. But she’s solid in that I honestly enjoy watching her in just about everything, even the stuff that sucks. She tends to take creative risks by choosing some rolls that are bound to go nowhere. But I like that Johnny Depp style of role choosing because you can really see an actor grow and get better. I hope she does more of that in the future.

3. She dumped Billy Bob: Really she had no business with that old coot. (Please note that I think he’s very talented as an actor/director/producer ….but as a husband? Eww! And the vials of blood… well I hope she’s past that. But hey, I’ve had my share of questionable relationships too, so I can cut her some slack.) What I love about the fact that she dumped him is that she did it for her son. The kids come first no matter what, in my book. Any guy who doesn’t love and respect your kid, who wouldn’t lay down his life for your kid, kick that sucker to the curb! That’s how I feel. Go ANGIE.

4. She’s adopting an AIDS orphan: I think adoption is one of the coolest things anyone can do. Who gives a fuck where the kid is from? A motherless child doesn’t know borders. Why the hell should a mother who has love to give a child bother with them. I’ve often thought that I would love to adopt a baby girl from India. I once read an article about how some lower caste Indian families felt that having a daughter was such a burden that they would kill them at birth (or even abort them if they found out the sex ahead of time.) I imagined myself rescuing an Indian baby girl, bringing her back home and raising her as my own. So just I love that A.J.'s adopting an AIDS orphan.

5. She doesn’t apologize for her sexuality: She has stated that she will take lovers and not get into any committed relationships until she knows she’s found someone that will truly love and respect both her and her son. She’s a beautiful woman, incredibly sensual and she doesn’t hide that. But she’s not trashy. Too many women in our society are forced to suppress their God-given sexuality and sensual beauty under the guise of nun-like propriety. Or else they go to the other extreme and become Anna Nicole. It’s the Virgin/Whore dilemma. A.J. doesn’t get sucked into that bullshit. She’s a woman, she’s a mother, she’s a vixen… deal with it. (I’m not surprised that a man would be tempted to leave his wife by that kind of honest femininity. Assuming that’s why the Bradster dumped Jen. Which I don’t entirely buy, but who cares why, really?)

Lost respect for me, have you? Too bad. I don’t take it back. A.J. is cool. Assuming she doesn’t go off the deep-end she’ll keep my respect. There’s a few other notorious celebs that I like even though they don’t always get the best press. Maybe I’ll post those in the future.


gone said...

I never really dug Ms. Jolie, but you offer some good evidence here for a bit of respect. OK. I'm with you.

David Binkowski said...

when my wife heard they were making a movie out of 'Tomb Raider', the first thing she commented on was the casting of Laura Croft -- the size 0 waist, enormous boobs... then along came news that Angelina Jolie would play the cartoonish, 13 year old boy's wet dream.

if that is her natural appearance, then she's a freak of nature. there's no way she looks that way without plastic surgery.

aughra said...

I love her, too. My best friend and I refer to her as Angie, because we are that close!

Girl With An Alibi said...

Jacob- No celeb is Oprah-Perfect these days (except maybe Oprah... which kinda scares me with omnipotence she seems to have) so ya gotta look for the good where you can find it. :D

David- Yeah I'm sure there was some kind plastic going on. Either surgery or a serious corsette.

Aughra- Yeah! Another Angie fan! I read somewhere she prefers to be addressed as "Angie" ... or "Mistress of Love" depending... (hehe... kidding!)

gone said...

It was more than likely corsette plus CG...but that's just me. She doesn't strike me as the surgery type.

Fat Chance said...

There are good reasons to respect her. Two of them (not those two--the adoptions!)

piranha said...

hey thats really amusing how i would check out your blog after your referring to my comment at critics post, although i have actually noticed you already some while ago and then, once i make it to step by there is a post on angie. cool.

so you caught me with that. my reasons to love her are even a bit less rational because i am bi and just love her as a woman as well. i think she looks gorgeous. period. her lips? yeah hell, i hate surgery and that stuff but even if she did that i could forgive her because i liker her radical and yet caring nature a lot. your points are tight and exactly what i would have said. thanks. and i think she just has this very strong feminine energy, feminine in the sense of all you can have, weakness AND strength, being mother AND independent, being a whore and a virgin in a metaphorical sense.

ahhh. okay. i stop here.
great post i ll be back


Girl With An Alibi said...

Yo Fat- We've got a couple of adoptees in my family and one of my best frieds is adopted. I like to think of it as God's alternative way building families. If you're meant to be a family different blood lines won't get in the way.

Hey Piranha, thanks for stopping by. You're welcome anytime.

Truecraig said...

You know I LOVE the lists!

I am not surprised in any way, that you are a fan of Jolie. You have good taste, and this is just further evidence to support it.

Is this a girl-crush? You sweet on Jolie? Thas' coo' by me. I would not blame you if it were. She's stooooopid fine.

But Tomb Raider was a shite movie. This is a fact, so there can be no debate.

thestraightpoop said...

Hi there! Found you when you commented on my blog too. Thanks for stopping by - I really am enjoying yours.

On Angie, me too...big fan! I don't think she's had surgery on her lips as they are not really symmetrical, but for Tomb Raider they did stuff her bra. She talked about it in an interview.

Girl With An Alibi said...

I liked the second Tomb Raider better than the first. The first was confusing and basically sucky. But I like "Girls Kickin Ass" Movies.

StraightPoop- Thanks for stopping by. Great photos on your blog by the way!

thestraightpoop said...

Thanks!! I am so happy that I can finally upload photos that I am going a bit crazy with them. Glad you likey!