Thursday, July 14, 2005

And Now For Something Almost Completely Different

For me and many other women
(and perhaps a few men)
this is proof enough that there is a GOD.

As Steph (who I lifted this image from) says, "There is a God and she loves me very much apparently."

A-Vin... I mean, A-men to that, sister!!!


gone said...

[with hands over my eyes] Way to shake things up, girl!

gone said...

I wonder how Loren would feel about this scandalous photo? Loren?

Girl With An Alibi said...

I see nothing scandalous.
I mean
GOD made that body... :-P
GOD made the water... :-P
GOD gave me eyes... :-P
Alls I can say is...

Princess Steph said...

it takes my breath away every time!!!!!

sweetviolet said...

i find it a bit creepy that this is my first comment on your blog, but what is it about hip divets that make my knees knock?

Girl With An Alibi said...

Ahhh yes SV, the delightfully knee-weakening "Groove of Apollo"! (knock-knock-knock) I'm right there with you.

aughra said...

But his voice is just awful. And you can see in XXX that he doesn't know how to kiss.

Girl With An Alibi said...

I kinda like the smokey-voice thing... big turn on for me. And I can think of a few alternate targets for my lips if he's a bad kisser.... WooWoo!!!

loren said...

Hmm, someone is asking for my thoughts on this photo? Well, I married a very beautiful woman, so I sure can't fault anyone for being attracted to beauty. But I will say that beauty is skin deep, so there really needs to be more than that.

When I was a young Christian, and still single, I studied two things. First, does God really play a role in bringing couple together, and if so, what is His criteria for doing this? What goes into an excellent match, so that it finds His favor and He is willing to bless it, and do His best to help it along?

Second, once I found that match, how would I build it from the ground level up to look like the relationship between Christ and the church? (FYI, for those unfamiliar with this concept, God instituted marriage as an earthly reflection of this heavenly relationship).

Well, this was difficult, but I searched the Scriptures and found God's criteria for an excellent match. Of course, the concept is personalized when it is applied, to match each individual, and it goes into making a mutually good match. But now I was confident that I was playing from the same sheet of music as God, so I could cooperate with His intentions.

What helped is that the internet was just starting to boom in those days, so I took my search to some Christian matchmaking websites. I took my time. I estimate that I considered between 8,000 - 11,000 profiles before finding Nancy's, and she was by far the best match I'd ever found.

When we met and I began courting her, I followed the second part of my study and modeled our relationship after Christ and the church. We're now the most happily married couple I've ever known.

By the way, Nancy and I both kept our virtue until we were married (I mention this because people tend to think of matchmaking websites as a playboy lifestyle. Maybe for some people it is, but really, it is what you make of it.)

On the subject of beauty itself, it's wonderful if you have it, but it never lasts so you shouldn't put all of your eggs in one basket. Let's say you marry someone because they are physically beautiful. Soon (let's just say,) you've had your fill and you're satisfied. Then comes someone else who is even more beautiful. Or maybe they're not more, but they're beautiful in a different, infectious way. If physical beauty is all that was holding your relationship together, you'd find your committment secerely challenged at this point.

Bottom line, there is far more than looks involved. People are a package, so make sure the whole package works out well for both of you.

gone said...

I knoew he'd have a book to write. I'm a glutton for punishment!

gone said... totally speechless. Thanks, Loren. It was a pleasure to read what you had to say about that picture (all two lines of it), and the rest of it, know how I feel about non-illicited material.

loren said...

Actually, I did write a book about it. It may turn up as an e-book soon. (Couldn't resist telling you that :-)

Girl With An Alibi said...

LOL! Hahahaha. Careful Jacob, looks like Loren has quite a sharp wit! ;-D

Sara said...

Ok, First of all, I love, love, love that picture. It was a wallpaper on my computer for awhile. His voice for me is hot, hot, hot. If I could hear him say something dirty and my name afterwards, I would probably die and go to heaven but I like em deep and gravely. Sure his face is kinda well, different looking but his eyes and smile make up for that. I would soooooo do him.
So thank you, thank you, thank you, girl for posting that pic. I sure did miss it.

Dex2177 said...

Hip Divets. Now I have to find a mirror and check my hip divets... chest, abs, arms and butt... but hip divets? Alright. I'm going to find a mirror and investigate hip divets.

gone said...

I promise not to spar with Loren on your blog any longer. Now I feel bad.