Monday, July 11, 2005

Dream #1

I have been known to have weird dreams. From time to time I will share them with you.

Dream #1
Last night I dreamt that Michael ran into an old friend. She had been arrested unjustly because of her boyfriend who Michael also knew. He felt bad for her and said something to me about how he and she almost dated; but she decided to go for the other guy. So I said, "well I'm glad she did, because now I have you." or something like that.

For some reason this really hurt his feelings and he got all silent. I apologized right away cause I knew that I had hurt him somehow, but he just walked away. Then I tried to find him and I couldn't. I was running around asking everyone where Michael was and trying to figure out what I could say to make him forgive me when I found him.

All night long I was waking up and checking to see if he was still next to me. Then I'd go back to sleep and fall into the dream again still looking for him.

So this morning before I leave (I get up early so he's usually still in bed when I leave) I sit next to him on the bed to kiss him goodbye. Only I'm still unnerved by the dream and I'm looking at him sleeping and my eyes well up...

He opens his eyes and after a moment says "what's wrong?"
"If I ever say anything stupid to hurt you, will you forgive me?"says me, blinking back tears.
"Why? What happened?"
"I had a bad dream."
"Oooh," he surpresses a grin cause he now knows where this is going; having had much experience with my dreams. (I once woke up and hit him because he pissed me off in a dream.)
"Well there was this girl who you knew..." I tell him the whole dream and now I'm crying like a baby, "..I cccouldn't fffind you and (sniff)... and I kkkept waking up and grabbing you all nnnight!"
"I know, it was kinda nice. I thought you were checking to make sure I wasn't working in the garage." (That's usually what I do, cause he sneaks out there to work and eat monster-sized bowls of ice cream.)
"bbbut then I'd fall bbbback to sssleep and look for you again."
"Honey, I love you. I'm not going to leave you."

By now I'm laughing as much as I'm crying because I know how ridiculous it sounds. So I dry my eyes. Kiss him goodbye and head off to work (still kinda weepy though cause now I'm on a "HE LOVES ME!!!"-high. I'm sure he was shaking his head and laughing to himself as I left.

How on earth does he put up with me? I do LOVE that man.


gone said...

This is a great story. As a husband of a woman who exhibits similar behavior (I've been punched and given the cold shoulder many-a-morning because of a dream she's had), this story really hits home. Great details, Alibi. And it sounds like you've got yourself a good man.

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