Monday, April 04, 2005

All Junked up AGAIN!

Rant/bitch session number 2 for the day.

What the hell is my problem? I did exactly the same thing as last time only it wasn’t raining so I have no excuse for staying in. I only had 5 Oreos instead of 6 and I downed the whole pint of milk even though I know I’m friggin’ lactose intolerant.

I’d almost forgotten how good milk straight up can be - yummmmmm. Except for the nausea that follows and the lamentable stomach cramps that require amped up dosages of Maalox to keep me from accidentally doing “drive bys” on unsuspecting co-workers.

I am a nutritionally challenged moron. This almost tops waiting until the battery my car alarm remote was completely dry before replacing it. Which you know can only be discovered after you lock and arm the damn thing and then can’t turn the bastard off.

Why do I undermine myself this way? Why?!!! Why???

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