Saturday, April 23, 2005


Police handcuffing a 5 year old girl!!!!
You've GOT to be shitting me!

This is ridiculous. Now I don't have kids but I've done a fair amount of baby-sitting for friends and family and honestly that girl was not behaving any worse than any other 5 year old. I mean it's not like she pulled a knife or a gun or something.

And it looked to me like the teacher was doing a great job of getting her under control. Sometimes it can take an hour to calm down a child that’s really upset. The teacher was able to do it in a 1/2 hour and the girl was calm.

Now how in the hell do you need 3 --- that's THREE! --- cops to handcuff a 5 year old? I don't give a shit how bad she was being (and she WAS acting out) but unless she had a grenade those cops were OUT OF LINE.

That kid is going to be traumatized severely by that. She’ll likely be terrified of police. God it just breaks my heart and pisses me off. I hope her parents sue the shit out of the police for that. And that’s hard for me to write because I do believe most police officers are good and caring but this shit is going TOO FAR!

I mean damn, what’s next? Shackles for newborns, a taser-gun for toddlers? WTF is wrong with our law enforcement officers? Is this what happens when racial profiling goes unchecked? Or are we putting our trust in a bunch of equal opportunity whack-jobs?

And why the hell did the teacher call the cops on a 5 year old for that matter? Even if she called them before she got the girl under control, why call the cops at all? She’s a baby for God’s sake not a rabid pitbull or an armed terrorist! Hell, call child services if you must call someone, but not the police!
SHE’S A 5 YEAR OLD!!!!!!!!

Damn, this shit really burns my ass.
THE VIDEO (note there's a 30sec commercial before the AP video starts)
If you have aol view the video here , and you can see the terror in the child's face (I guess AOL doesn't have any qualms about protecting the identity of a minor, but hey, you don't have to sit through a commercial.)

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Sara said...

Ok, this is total bullshit! Although I would be mortified if my kid was acting like that, I would much rather they called me or their dad or even, like you said, child services to come in and take care of business than a cop! If that was my kid, my foot would be so far up those cops asses. I can get that they might be trying to scare her straight but with a 5 year old, she was probably scared enough that they were even there. Did they even try to talk to her first? Fuck all that noise. I hope her family sues them too.