Friday, April 22, 2005

Please Mr. Trump, Fire Craig!

I love The Apprentice. I have to say that this is the only reality show that IMHO is worth anything. (I secretly watch those wife swap shows from time to time too, but I just feel so dirty afterward.) I love Donald Trump; bad hair, overstuffed ego, audaciously pompous interior design and all. I just LOVE that man!!! He so unapologetically self serving. In a world of self-righteous megalomaniacs who start wars in a limp effort to veil their painfully obvious profiteering, Donald Trump is just refreshing somehow, he really is.

That said, I ask The Donald to please fire Craig. That man is an ass. While I think Kendra is a bit inexperienced and really needs to learn how to shut down idiots like Craig, her inexperience has hardly been a detriment to her. I mean she won that car brochure task almost single handedly. Come ON!!! Give the girl a break. You would think she would have earned his respect on that.

But no, dumbass Craig continues to patronize her at every turn. And his being black isn't making up any slack with this Sista! I realize of course, that the show is edited for maximum drama and that there is probably a whole lot more going on; but I can't speak to what's on the cutting room floor.

Here's my take on the televised Craig. When he has a brilliant idea like the box in the Home Depot task he sucks at articulating it. When he has no idea like the Staples task last night he gets all patronizing and starts talking vaguely about "conceptualizing" and everyone being "held accountable to their concepts" or some such crap. WTF!!! Somehow I don't think that 10 minutes of silent conceptualizing is gonna play well in Donald Trump's REAL boardroom while they are trying to make a billion dollar deal.

The only reason they won the task is because Tana and Kendra took point and got a focus group going in spite of him. He did nothing. They basically just humored him and took over the task.

I'm sure that the guy is brilliant. I'm sure that his style of leadership works great in some situations. It's probably perfect when he is the boss/owner and everyone under him is 15 years old and thinks he's the cat's pajamas. But he is a grown man dealing with other grown-ups whose egos are just as big as his. He needs to adapt his management style. And if he doesn't have any ideas he had at least better learn to listen critically (not criticizing-ly) to other peoples ideas. I mean what was that whole silent brainstorming session about?!!! It's like the business equivalent of a time out. Sheeesh!!!

In any case I am sure that who ever puts these guys through the paces during the interviews is going to see through Craig right away. I'm betting (hoping) he will lopped off after that. I figure Tana is a shoe-in for the final two. She'd basically have to sleep through the interview process not to make it. That sister is sharp!

As for the other two. I think Kendra deserves to be in the final 2 -- after all if my count is right she's only been on a losing team 3 times, Craig and Tana have lost 4 times and Alex is a 7 time loser. On the car brochure task 3 people fell asleep Craig and Tana on their team and Alex on his. If Kendra hadn't busted her ass they would have lost. And that was one of the few tasks during the 13 weeks where the sponsor decided to use the product created. That said I don't think she'll make it because Alex is more cutthroat as evidenced by his ruthless, and almost gladiatorial, decimation of Bren (his brother) in the boardroom last night. Of course, Bren was clearly giving up half way through so it was an easy kill.

So I think it SHOULD be Tana and Kendra but will more likely be Tana and Alex in the final two. And I think Tana will kick ass and be the Apprentice -- and probably the most deserving one so far to boot. When I think about it, it's probably better that Alex be in the final two because from a pure entertainment standpoint it will be more fun watching that arrogant fool hang himself. I think it would be too painful watching Kendra choke on the final task and I think, in the absence of Tana's steady guidance she would do just that. Or maybe I'm taking all this nonsense WAY too seriously.

Aww MAN!! I just wasted 45 minutes writing on this crap. So much for shifting my priorities to important things.

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